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UTZ Laser Cut Stencils  
Laser Cut Stencils UTZ utalizes the New State of the art LPKF G 6080 Laser
The LPKF 6080 offers
. +/- 2um Accuracy and Repeatability
. Automated loading to insure accuracy and repeatability
. Self checking camera insures no missed apertures.
. All etch factors are done by trained personnel
We grow our Nickel with the E-FAB process to keep cost down. Laser Cutting E-Fab blank Nickel sheets eliminates process steps lowering the overall tolerances usually associated with the E-fab process. Coupled with add on stencil coating, we offer the BEST possible stencils

Metal Etching

All etch factors are done by experienced personnel. We offer Multi-Level Stencils as well as Metal Parts. UTZ has the capability of etching .0020-.0250 thick Stainless Steel with +/- .0010 Tolerance. We utilize the ACU-GAGE Vision system during final inspection to insure accuracy.

FRAMED STENCILS RANGING IN SIZES FROM 5x5 to 29x29 *Custom Sizes Available
Solder Electronic Stencil FOIL ONLY
Just the metal piece, not mounted on any frame or frame system.
We can cut an area of 23”x31” and incorporate any-type of border for hand printing.


Stencil foil is mounted on a plastic frame for consolidated storage space. QTS frames come in 20x20 and 20x28 sizes and in White and Green colors for lead free and non-lead free operation.

Metal Options
Standard 304 Stainless PhD Material Fine Grain Stainless Steel 100% Pure Nickel
Standard 304 Stainless Stencil PhD Material Step Stencil Fine Grain Stainless Framed Stencil 100% Pure Nickel Framed Stencil
Steel-Fully Hardened Grain Size: 15.3um Lower Grain Size
Grain Size: 9.7um
For Critical Applications
Grain Size: 2.2um
The Best of the Best
Grain Size: 1um